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Optimize your workflow

Daniel Tate
Friday 28 August 2015

Recently I have brought Trello into my workflow and it has been extremely useful in a number of ways. I have been able to micro manage tasks, track my progress and collaborate with team members, all without breaking my stream of concentration.

If you aren’t already in the loop, Trello is a web app that allows you to create boards and cards and track the cards across the boards. It’s presented with a simple drag and drop interface which allows for easy management of your cards. We can create boards for a subject, project or a process. An example of a simple to do list; when you’ve completed a task simply drag it into the done column and you’re tracking your progress!

We can get more detailed if we need to; the number of columns is limitless!

Above in the first column we can see an icon below the card title, this indicates a description. Each card has a plethora of options to add or edit making a comprehensive outline of a subject or list item; you can get as granular as you need to.

In the case of a web project your board might change to something like the following:

Describing each section of a process gives you an easy to follow indication of where each line item is at and its individual progress.

An option exposed by clicking cards is labelling. By using labels we can better describe our line items, these are customisable so we can outline whatever we need to.

Optionally in the side menu we can add members to cards, this feature emails the respective member letting them know that they have been assigned, this is awesome for delegation and is a great way to notify someone about a task without breaking them out of their work zone.Basically you should get on board. There are so many ways you can use Trello in your workflow. This is only one example, some others might be for tracking sales workflows, design stages, basic client interactions or even just lots of to do lists.

Optimize your workflow