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The Sweet Spot

Laura Kerrison
Friday 3 June 2016

 sweet spot

A successful user-centered design accommodates the customer needs, meets the business requirements and allows for the technical capabilities. The balance between all three sections is crucial; this is the sweet spot.

Customer needs

Often we assume to know what customers’ needs are based on prior projects or our own experience. However to accurately define these needs, in an ongoing basis, we need to undertake objective investigation into customer behaviour, pain points and motivations.  We need to empathise with users in order to create a digital experience tailored to their needs. 

  • Customer interviews
  • User profiles and customer journeys
  • Field research - ethnography, observing
  • Quantitative and Qualitative feedback


Technical capabilities

Digital solutions often become a trade off between cost, versus time, versus quick-wins, versus customer benefits. Understanding the capabilities and possible limitations of any systems ensures that a realistic solution can be planned and hence delivered. This understanding also allows us to try new innovative practices within the technology.

  • Tactical discussions with technical teams
  • Designing around the technical capabilities
  • Understanding best practice


Business requirements

Business requirements are the foundations and purpose of any project, whether it be increasing revenue or strengthening the brand in the digital space. Crucial to this is understanding what KPIs / objectives the business stakeholders have, and how they work in the wider business strategy. 

  • Market research and competitor analysis
  • Workshop sessions with key stakeholders
  • Project planning
The Sweet Spot