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We work with businesses to improve, and develop new digital initiatives.

A niche specialty

Frontend Design is a digital agency with a mission to simplify your customers’ lives.

We work hand in hand with businesses to find the sweet spot between customer needs, business requirements and technical capabilities.

We have successfully enhanced many top New Zealand brands, helping their business to grow with digital.

See some of our case studies.

Our services

We are working with businesses to develop their online self-service systems and
deliver exciting new digital experiences, both customer-facing and internal.

  • Brand and communication

    • • Strategy and ideation
    • • Market research
    • • Identity design
    • • Brand development
    • • Consistent experience
  • Design and UX

    • • User experience
    • • User interface design
    • • Interaction design
    • • Responsive design
    • • Mobile-first
    • • App design
  • Front end development

    • • Frontend develpment
    • • Responsive development
    • • HTML5, Javascript, CSS
    • • CMS Implementation
    • • Interaction and transitions
    • • Canvas, SVG, CSS animation

The Frontend team

Simon Dickey
Innovator / Director

In discovering the customer needs you gain valuable insights into what is adding value to your customer’s daily life. Often I have noticed businesses are clever at presuming their customer needs. In building a list of the customer’s requirements you can then offer a much more tailored experience.

Daniel Tate
Front-end developer

As an advocate for efficiency, standards and ‘clean code’ I always push for the most current stable technologies within the requirements and consider graceful degradation when necessary. Modern ideas such as touch, responsive and feature support are always considered when thinking about a project.

Corinne Kubik
UI/UX designer

There are always limitations with the technology and systems you are dealing with, it is very rare to be able to design without boundaries. Embracing those limitations and learning what they are enables you to develop a design that fully utilises the capabilities you have, and disguise those you don't.

Corinne's latest thinking

Graeme Dickey
Financial officer

The key tenant I have always made sure of in running the companies I have been involved with is to maintain a healthy cash-flow. It provides stability for the business to invest and grow without unnecessary stress. Xero accounting has been a worthwhile tool for knowing where your business financial position is at any point of time.

Laura Kerrison
UI/UX designer

The sheer vastness of information in society is constantly increasing. What excites me is the opportunity to enable users to make sense of that information. Understanding and questioning behaviour and patterns is integral to improving experience.

Case studies

  • Chris

    Uses Spark Digital services
    in his day-to-day

  • Jacqui

    Found the Mahurangi River
    winery on her iPhone

  • Tim

    Uses the MTF app to get
    the car of his dreams

  • Michelle

    Gets help for her school
    from Fonterra Grassroots