Simplify your customer's life

Frontend define and apply a user-centred approach which delivers measurable value for both you and your customers.

Market research

Analysing the market to discover new business opportunities.

Customer journeys

Creating customer personas to validate thinking.

Solution roadmap

Tactical quick wins that support the longer term initiatives.

Customer centric approach

Intelligent thinking, driving both your internal teams and customers toward a strong business proposition.

Concept wireframes

Applying knowledge from user testing we can begin to create conceptual wireframes.

UX testing

Engaging with users to test proposed solution. The UX testing occurs concurrently with the design process.


Creating draft versions - usually very conceptual.

Case studies

  • Chris

    Uses Spark Digital services
    in his day-to-day

  • Jacqui

    Found the Mahurangi River
    winery on her iPhone

  • Tim

    Uses the MTF app to get
    the car of his dreams

  • Michelle

    Gets help for her school
    from Fonterra Grassroots