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Simplify your customers' lives

Frontend: Creates digital experiences that have measurable benefits for the business and customer.

Market research

Assessing the current marketplace, comparing competitors, and discovering new business opportunities.

Studying metrics

Delving deep into the analytics, heatmaps, and data models to understand the current issues and bottlenecks.

Business challenges

Understanding the overall business direction and goals. Identifying how the business currently embraces technology.

Ideation workshop

By bringing together key stakeholders and customers into a fresh environment, we accelerate the idea process, and inject momentum to the project.

Customer journeys & testing

Creating customer journeys outlining how customers could engage with the business. Testing proposed ideas aganist real users.

Solution roadmap

Creating planned initiatives to shift towards the digital future vision. While setting next steps for the business to achieve measurable gains quickly.


Taking the core concepts from the workshop and transforming them into prototypes for testing.

Case studies

  • Chris

    Uses Spark Digital services
    in his day-to-day

  • Jacqui

    Found the Mahurangi River
    winery on her iPhone

  • Tim

    Uses the MTF app to get
    the car of his dreams

  • Michelle

    Gets help for her school
    from Fonterra Grassroots